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High added value solutions

  • Web portal

  • Easy installation

  • Tool connected with our on-board IT transport management solutions

  • Easy interface customization by user type

  • Customer relationship: Publish on your website a reduced interface for tracking your vehicles (according to your needs)

  • Data import / export


  • Tracking of your vehicles in real time with visual of all stops on the map

  • Accessibility to the graphical interface on the internet (mobile and web)

  • Identify your drivers and manage their work plan


  • Sending of missions by your operator to the vehicle's GPS

  • Optimized system for assigning missions

  • Two-way communication: text and voice

  • Eliminate unnecessary phone calls

  • Communication cost optimization

  • Route Optimizer:

    • Facilitates the management of your drivers' schedules

    • Direct sending of the optimized route to the GPS

Activity reports

  • Detailed activity reports

    • Working hours (pointing)

    • Stop and travel time (distance, speed)

    • Statistics of visits to POIs

    • TemperatureGeo reporting on activity by sector

  • Custom reports

  • Automatically receive your reports in your mailbox

Vehicle maintenance

  • Escalation of all technical faults

  • Automatic or manual administrative management of maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance

Management of POIs (Points of Interest)

  • Tools for managing your points of interest (Customer site, Point of sale, Depot, Construction site, etc.)

  • Point Visit Reports

  • Bulk import of your points

  • Enriched information (photos, date of visit, opening hours, link to history of relations)


  • Increase the safety of your employees and your equipment in the event of an accident, breakdown or theft

  • Remote vehicle blocking

  • Geo-zone: Delimit your own geographical area on the map with alert integration

Controlled temperature

  • Comply with HACCP standards

  • Control the evolution of the temperature during the transport of your goods

  • Avoid losses and be notified of an anomaly in your refrigerated compartment

Sector breakdown

Simple tool for dividing up activity zones

  • Streamline the workload of your employees

  • Improve the customer relationship

  • Avoid too much dead time during transport

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